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2021 Fall is in the Air

"True life is lived when tiny changes occur." ~Leo Tolstoy

Fall is the perfect time for letting go to make tiny changes in our lives & to recommit to our core self!

Like the trunk of a tree, we grow our core self ring-by-ring to give us a strong foundation. We live the four seasons growing knowing our leaves will fall away to make room for new life in the spring to come.

We are living in truly uncertain times and this growing season provided us with a new core self ring which enhances our resilience and provides us with the opportunity to really let go of all the tiny leaves this fall. What will you let fall away to make room for something new this season?

It may help to start with clarity of our own self meaning, which is often a confusing topic. I find it helps to think about meaning in these three components from an unknown author:

  • "Feeling that what you do makes a difference."

  • "Understanding how the various facets of your life connect."

  • "Having a purpose from which you can develop goals."

I found myself stuck on the third component of meaning. This quote helped me: "Purpose: The degree to which we understand our values and motivations, using them as a North Star by which we guide our decisions." ~Daniel Goleman

2021 Fall Challenge

As you read Napoleon Hill's quote below and reflect on the three components of meaning from above, what comes to your mind?

It takes half of life to discover that life is a do-it-yourself project,” ~ Napoleon Hill

I am ready to let go of:

  1. _________________________________________

  2. _________________________________________

  3. _________________________________________

Can you now decide if fall is a time for a tiny change? The tiny change I want to make in my life this fall is: ____________________________________________________________________________________________.

Let me know if you want to talk more. I'm ready to help you be your best self! Contact Me.

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