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A Moose

"The moose spirit animal signifies strength, pride, and life. ... People who carry the moose symbolism are being called to work with the oppositions in their lives. Be inspired by the moose who's clumsy and graceful and strange and breathtaking at the same time. For the moose, attitude makes a whole lot of difference" ~ Michelle DeLucia

I recently found myself sitting in my car watching two moose cross Route 8 in the Adirondacks, it was a delight! After they crossed the road I continued to sit there in amazement of their grace. These animals are moving about our earth with a sense of freedom. A sense us humans have lost in this GREAT RESET.

After seeing the meaning of the moose as a spirit animal in the above quote, it came to me, we all need to embrace the symbolism of the moose as we deal with the current oppositions. With grace and clumsy steps we'll soon open up our economy and slowly learn a lot. It will be strange, but also breathtaking. Who do you want to be during and after this Great Reset?

Reflecting back on the moose - I remember watching the first moose go over the guardrail, stopping with their front feet on the pavement and back feet on the grass, pausing cautiously before continuing across the road. Then the second moose emerged from the woods and took the same pause at the guardrail, choosing to cross the road it made its way out onto the pavement, but then came to a standstill in the middle of the road. Not sure weather to continue or not, looking around, noticing my car, questioning what to do next. These two moose were on the same journey, traveling together, but also on their own.

Like the moose we too need to make a choice, to either cross the road or go back into the woods. Maybe you'll go back and forth a few times until you find your way. It'll feel strange and often breathtaking as we reset our lives. But unlike the moose, we have our communities, friends, and family to rely on every step of the way during this journey.

We can communicate and connect with our tribe when we're feeling fear, uncertainty, and questioning if we should continue. Or we can be there to listen and help others in our tribe when they are feeling this way. Connecting with people is how we can figure out what our best next step is. Together we talk through it, hear a different perspective, learn about how someone else dealt with a similar situation.

My hope is that you trust yourself to begin your own reset. Hop over that guardrail and work towards being your best self everyday. To find peace and freedom in the exploration of this Great Reset. And to connect with your tribe.

Are you ready for your Great Reset? Try answering these questions:

  • Who will I connect with to help me deal with the current oppositions?

  • How will I connect with my tribe during this time of clumsiness and grace?

  • What habits will I keep in the reset?

  • What will I no longer take for granted?

  • When is it safe for ME to cross the road?

  • WHY ? What is my why for crossing the road?

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