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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

I found this great article on the Forbes Book site; How to Build Your Most Successful team.

It seems simple but the bottom line is communication. How often are you communicating with your team? Are you communicating with the team on goal-setting and decision making, so they can see how their role is impacted?

To better explore the optimization of the hiring and team building process, the author spoke with Advantage|ForbesBooks’ in-house experts on the art of team-building, Ben Douglas, our Director of team Member Acquisition, and Chris Brown, our Vice President of team Member Success.

"Elaborating on the importance of team dynamic, Chris tells us, “Communicate, communicate, communicate. It is extremely important that everyone know what is happening in the workplace, and understand how they can contribute to the overall goals of an organization. Being very transparent, and including [your employees] in goal-setting and decision-making are key things that help ensure that the team feels there are open lines of communication.”

Ben stresses the following point: “teams Members generally don’t struggle because of capability. They struggle because of communication barriers, lack of support from others, and lack of understanding about how each role collaborates to reach the goals at hand. It is also important to have each player vested in the outcomes of the team. This gives each player purpose and an understanding of how their contribution plays into the greater whole. For this reason, it is important that we pause as teams to organize, plan, collaborate."

Build your team with communication!

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