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Cultivating Wisdom

"i gathered my habits

and started releasing

the ones that can

never lead me to

lasting freedom and joy."

~yung pueblo


develop my calmness

cultivate my wisdom

expand my freedom

help heal the world"

~yung pueblo

As I read yung pueblo's poetry, I find myself cultivating my life with self-awareness, self -reflection, and self-compassion. Cultivating wisdom has lead me to share yung peublo's poems when coaching and mentoring. In addition, I am using his words to start my own daily journaling to explore the coordination of my own knowledge and experience to deliberately improve my wellbeing.

I shared these poems with Kim Perone,  and she invited me to her Slightly Unmeditated Podcast to discuss "Seeking Wisdom."

If you are interested in hearing our conversation, please check out the podcast

Love to discuss these poems or seeking wisdom with you, reach out of you want to connect.

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