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To Hem, First We Thread the Needle

"Hem your blessing with thankfulness so they don't unravel."


"Hem your blessing with thankfulness so they don't unravel."


I love this quote I found in my box of 365 Gathered Truths. It seems so appropriate for this time in our world.

We're social distancing to save lives, leaving us physically alone. We're feeling lots of emotions with all the conflicts around the crisis. Many of us are feeling like we don't have clarity of our own future vision.

Rather than become overwhelmed with the unknown, the crisis and the loneliness; we can instead used this time to become more aware of our blessings, find new ways to connect with others, and share our feelings.

Take this time to hem your blessings with your thankfulness for your surroundings as you restrict your space and movements. Also stitch up the things in your life that need mending.

Start by threading the needle. Applying the social meaning of thread, " skillfully navigate through a difficult conflict." Focus on your own life first, how can you live your own values and start to look for the places we can move forward being our best self.

With time for self reflection you can make new choices, reconnect with family and friends, open your mind to explore all of our blessings and be thankful in every moment. With an open mind, you can reflect to:

  • see a different perspective

  • see clearly where we're holding on to an old belief or story which will not serve us as we adjust to the new normal

  • devote time to sending healing prayers to patients dealing with the virus

  • send positive vibes and thankful thoughts to our first responders and health care providers

Go thread your needle to skillfully navigate through a difficult conflict. Use your tools of meditation, self reflection, and journaling to get you started.

Morning Journal Prompts by Courtney Carver:

  • Instead of thinking about this problem (that I have no control over) today, this is what I can do to help someone else.

  • Make a list of ten things you can do to take really good care of yourself today.

  • Even though I’m stressed or upset, I can’t help but smile when …

  • Even though I can’t change my situation today, if I do this one tiny thing, I’ll be moving in the right direction.

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