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What Triggers You?

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

“The trigger is a result of a perceived threat to your well-being, sense of safety or your worth.” -unknown

I can relate to this quote, there are times in my life when I was like popcorn with my triggers. Now that I found this quote, I can understand all three were being threatened in my mind. I have learned making a conscious choice is my best action. In addition, I am the leader of my own inner operating system (mind, body and emotions).

If I have gotten enough sleep, exercised and have properly feed my body, then I can manage the threats in my mind. I have learned my inner operating system is my mind and body constructing my emotions. My emotions POP up as triggers and I have no one to blame. I will first look to see where I am out of balance. I have developed a plan to respond to my triggers:

  • If triggered, then I will take a breath and look around to label the threat with clarity. I will take a moment to make a choice of my next action.

  • If triggered and I responded without a clear choice, then I will breathe and take a moment to chose my next action.

  • If I am trigger and in a downward spiral, then I will walk away to change my perspective before I respond.

How do you respond when you are triggered? Share in the comments.

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