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Calm reflections

Taking time to self reflect and make deliberate choices in your life is one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself.

I was honored to join Nina Lockwood this week to chat about falling in love with this life.

Nina's podcast, Get Your Happy Back will inspire you to reclaim your life and what makes you truly come alive, regardless of your age, your circumstances or your current state of mind.

Here a a few key takeaways from our chat:

~ Why we flourish when we're seen, heard and understood.

~ We spend so much time trying to be right A better question is, how can I be wrong?

~ The "inside job" is to recognize what's already been given to us.

~ Can we be self aware enough to know we have choice in what we do?

Listen here: or on Apple, Amazon, Spotify or iHeart Radio.

I shared two yung pueblo's poems on the podcast and mentioned I find his writing a great place begin a self reflection and journal our thoughts. If you want to try this reflection strategy, you can start here with one or all of these poems:

"how many times

has you mind

taken a small piece

of uncertain information

and spun a story around it that

ends up consuming your thoughts?"

~yung pueblo, Clarity & Connection book page 36

"calmness helps the mind see clearly

comparison reinforces your anxiety

patience creates space for growth

anger ignites fear-based reactions

joy appears in the present moment"

~yung pueblo, Clarity & Connection book page 211

One more:

"all human beings

are united by



death, and

every emotion

in between"



PS: As always I would love to chat with you to hear your insights and explore ways to stay committed to our inner journey of personal transformation.

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