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Embracing Balance

"Next to Love, balance is the most important aspect of life." ~John Wooden

The universe provides so many opportunities to embrace balance, I am rediscovering my role to be awake enough to experience the universe gifts and mind my own mind. This first picture is balancing two perspectives, one of the sky and one is a sky's reflection on the beach. Both are so beautiful to me , the reflection is as clear as the sky. My perspective of the beach is changed by the reflection, it is no longer brown sand and I question are the birds flying or are they sitting. Check out the second picture to shift perspectives again:

You can clearly see the birds are walking upside down. By turning the picture around my perspective shifts again, just like balance in our life can shift with the perspectives in our own mind.

I have been on an inward journey to rediscover old patterns impacting my perspective of wellbeing and embracing balance by building new habits. I started by embracing the responsibility for my own emotional maturity to support healing and happiness. How I was perceiving things was often dictated by what happened in the past and not the present moment. Yung Pueblo, a best selling author and poet suggests us to "... become more attuned to the present by bringing your mind out of your imagination and into what is actually happening inside you and in front of you." I am finding Pueblo writings are a great companion for my journey, his reflections are inspiring.

"Building a foundation for a better life starts with what is happening inside your mind. People may push and test you, but cultivating a pillar of inner balance will help you remain sturdy when the world outside you is chaotic" ~ Yung Pueblo

So I am doubling down on consistency to build positive habits for my foundation. James Clear book Atomic Habits reminds us we are building something worthy of our efforts:

"Every action you take is a vote of the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity."

Yung Pueblo's poetry is a great place to go for encouragement for embracing balance in our own lives. Pueblo was four books: Inward, Clarity & Connection, Lighter and The Way Forward. I have picked one of his poems from Lighter to share:

Pick the path that lights you up

the one you know deep down is the right choice

stop listening to doubt

start connecting with courage

do not let the idea of normal get in the way

it may not be the easy path

but you know great things take effort

lean into your determination

lean into your mission

lean into the real you

I am leaving you with one of Pueblo's reflection question from Lighter for you to ponder, reach out of you want to connect to chat on embracing balance.

How will you contribute to building a better world without exhausting yourself or becoming out of balance? Have you found a middle path where you can help others without hurting yourself?

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