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"Every moment is a fresh beginning." ~T.S. Eliot

"Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction." ~unknown

As we start our journey into 2022, maybe we can live this year with resilience+. The + is a reminder to keep choosing self care routines to recharge ourselves, it's a mindset.

I love Arianna Huffington’s insight on the Resilience+:

“Just as streaming platforms from Disney+ and Apple TV+ to Discovery+ and Paramount+ have now rolled out hours and hours of on-demand content, Resilience+ is the on-demand feature we all need in the new year. 2021 was the year we watched the pandemic go from something we thought and hoped would have a defined end to, at best, an endemic virus that will always be part of our lives. And our thinking about resilience is evolving in the same way. Resilience is not, as so many of us thought in the early days of the pandemic, an end state we can reach. It’s a constant process of becoming.”
”Resilience+ is about refueling and replenishing so we can meet whatever challenges 2022 holds with less stress, more joy and endlessly renewable stores of resilience.“

The true essence of self-care is two-fold. It involves self-knowledge and positive self-talk.

  • Self-knowledge: What restores us differs substantially from person-to-person depending on our tastes and preferences. Start to develop a better understanding of things you can do to restore your own energy.

  • Self-talk: To take better care of ourselves we need to work on cultivating a kinder, more compassionate inner voice. Start with awareness of your inner dialog and increase your own self-compassion.

What self-talk do you need daily to increase your self-compassion? What self-care routines will you be streaming in 2022? Need a few ideas? Check out a few of my previous blog poss:

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