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Winter Solstice 2019

As we joyfully celebrate the return of the sun on Winter Solstice, let's reflect on magical journeys.

As you look at this picture of a small child with a reindeer, is it sunrise or sunset?

What do you feel as you look at the tilt of the child's head or the reindeer looking back at you?

I can't see a barn without joy and admiration for work of the farmers.

I have delight for the soft snow falling, easy to catch on their way down.

I can feel the sun on my face as this child walks towards it.

The reindeer is the magic for me! I love the movie Prancer, it reminds us of the magic of this holiday season. Ringing of bells......Family visiting.....

The feelings and memories of spending time with your loved ones and helping others will last forever. I hope that everyone’s holiday season is filled with the same joy and love that made the holidays magical for me as a child.

May the Magic and the Wonder of the season stay with you throughout the coming year!

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